Triumphant news of V FUND Keeps Pouring in CV Awards with Three Grand Awards

Author: 2019.04.18 Pv( 264)

    “The 13th China Venture Investment Conference Annual Summit” was held in Shanghai on April 17th, on which CV Information released “China Venture Capital & Private Equity Annual Awards 2018” (hereinafter referred to as “CV Awards”).    

    As the annual grand occasion of Chinese private equity, “CV Awards” has 12 years’ experience in professional study construction and market tracking. Depending on CV information research and CVSource, the powerful data system, this year’s selection selects four major quantitative strategies, fundraising, investment, management and withdrawal to evaluate and comprehensively consider market influence and reputation of investment organizations, grade over 1000 investment organizations in Chinese private equity area and 5W+ private equity investment and withdrawal projects and finally form up the most authorized, comprehensive and objective list within the industry.    

    In the 2018 annual “CV Awards”, V FUND won the honors of “TOP10 Private Equity Investment Organizations with Growth Potentials”, “TOP10 Best Investment Cases in Chinese Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry” and “TOP10 Best Investment Cases in Chinese New Energy and Clean Technology Industry”.

    Since being founded in 2016, under the leadership of 5 experienced bankers who formerly worked in Goldman Sachs, V FUND has completed investment on approximately 20 industry-leading enterprises in fields of intelligent manufacturing, new automobile, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, aerospace and etc. including CATL (SH.300750), FARASIS, Ronbay Technology, NavInfo (SZ.002405), SureStar, Horizon Robotics, Yunda Express (SZ.002120), Shanghai Chemspec Corporation, Sean, China Brands Group, VDL, China Tianying (SZ.000035), Smarter Micro, The Aerospace of CAPS Satellite System Application and Development, 36Kr and etc.