Cloopen announced that it had completed series-D funding of hundreds of millions of RMB

Author: 2019.10.23 Pv( 373)

Founded in May 2013, Cloopen applies API interface and SDK for communication by integrating network resources and communication resources of operators, and supplies enterprises and individual developers with functions of VoIP, IM, video, conference, call center/IVR, etc.; developers may use the functions of voice talkback, group talk, clicking to dial, voice conference and video call, etc.

Cloopen has also witnessed growth of domestic cloud communication market in its development history. At present, Cloopen is extending to the application layer and trying to take the whole product development route. Besides CPaaS, Cloopen launched CCaaS and UCaaS business in the year of 2015, and has developed from SMS and voice communication to multiple types of communication including video communication.

Cloopen mainly focuses on providing communication solutions related to corporate business in financial, insurance and power industries, such as the demands of internal management and cooperative office. By integrating with concrete business scenarios, Cloopen may develop different capabilities for “double recording” of financial industry, video service, live broadcast training and government informationization, etc. Cloopen has provided services for over 100k business customers and its annual revenue in 2018 reached approximately 700m Yuan.