Emotibot has received <5 million funding in its Series B+ round jointly led by V Fund and Lingfeng

Author: 2019.10.30 Pv( 420)

Established by Kenny Chien, the former engineering director of Microsoft Asia in 2015, Emotibot focuses on research and development of natural language understanding, voice recognition, computer vision, multimodal affective computing and etc., and is one of the few domestic enterprises with voice, semantic and image full-scene human-robot interaction technologies.

For the last four years, Emortibot has been focusing in the area of NLP, developed Bot FactoryTM, the first AI intelligent conversation platform installed with semantic reasoning engine, taken the lead in various industries to implement multiple benchmarking business customers cases on technological bases of Conversational AI and affective computing, as well as continuously performed verification and revision. Based on the platform of Bot FactoryTM, Emortibot has also provided business enterprises with a brand new generation of AI voice assistant, so as to realize the business mode of to B to C. Up until now, Emortibot has become an important partner of “1+8+N” ecological strategy of Huawei and developed deep cooperation with various business departments of Huawei.

Financing capital will be applied in the following two aspects: 1) Continuous innovation and breakthrough in areas of NLP, affective computing and multimodal human-robot interaction technologies; 2) Research, development and upgrading of BotFactory platform, popularization of standardized products and implementation of ecological projects, speeding up multi-industry cultivation of AI solutions.

In future, Emortibot is about to continue to forge ahead in cultivating its AI capabilities, perform dynamic integration of AI+ vertical scene solutions and the open platform of Bot Factory, jointly construct the ecology of emotional robot with partners and keep enabling enterprises with intelligent development with high-effect and customized AI products.