V Fund Awarded “Best Sci-Tech Innovation Investment Management Firm”

Author: 2020.07.23 Pv( 235)

Science and technology are the building blocks of our country, industry and society. On the evening of July 23, the "2020 Sci-Tech Innovation Board First Anniversary Summit" hosted by Shanghai United Media Group’s China Star Market News and Jiemian News and co-hosted by ChinaVenture Investment Consulting came to a close in Shanghai Hongqiao Venture Capital Harbor. That night, the results of the “2020 Science and Technology Innovation Star” award were announced, and V Fund won the “2020 Science and Technology Innovation Star” award, as the best science and technology investment management firm, due to V Fund’s excellent exit and investment performance. Zhongke Aerospace and Emotibot Technology, both of which are part of V Fund’s portfolio, have also won the award.


In November 2018, leaders and guests from various countries gathered together in the main exhibition hall of the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, where President Xi Jinping announced at the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo that the Shanghai Stock Exchange will establish a science and technology innovation board and experiment with a pilot-registration system for listed companies. On June 13, 2019, Vice Premier Liu He attended the 11th Lujiazui Forum, and the China Science and Technology Innovation Board was launched. On July 22 of the same year, the Sci-tech Innovation Board officially opened, and the first batch of 25 Sci-Tech Innovation Board stocks began trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As a testing ground for capital market reforms, the Sci-tech Innovation Board is at the forefront of the world’s sci-tech innovation, creating countless new technologies, industries, formats and models, inspiring enthusiasm in the field of science and technology.


As a result of the combination of favorable national policies and capital accumulation, huge potentials for innovation can be explored and discovered. On the first anniversary of the opening of the Science and Technology Innovation Board, the “2020 Science and Technology Innovation Star” award selection was launched by Star Market News, together with various authorized institutions, in order to learn from experiences in innovation and further promote the reforms of the stock market. China’s “Little Giants” in science and technology were selected from sci-tech innovation enterprises that are listed or are seeking to be listed, sci-tech start-ups, securities firms, law firms, accounting firms and other third-party service institutions and investment institutions.


On the enterprise level, selections are done based on multiple criteria, such as the industry situation, enterprise overview, R&D, innovation and corporate social responsibility of the enterprise. The results of analysis based on these criteria, combined with voting results by experts, scholars and experienced members of the financial media, determine the winners of the “2020 Science and Technology Innovation Star” award. After deliberation by the judges, Zhongke Aerospace and Emotibot Technology, both of which are part of V Fund’s portfolio, have won the award.


The selections of investment institutions are evaluated from two aspects, namely exit performance and investment performance. For exit performance, the exit rates, exit value and venture rate of return are taken into account, while for investment performance, the number of companies queueing for IPOs and investment strategy of the investment institutions are taken into consideration. As a result of its outstanding exit and investment performance in the field of science and technology innovation, V Fund has been awarded the title of “Best Science and Technology Innovation Investment Firm”.


At the end of 2015, V Fund was founded by five former senior bankers from Goldman Sachs. As a mid-to-late stage equity investment institution, it has invested more than 4 billion RMB, with more than 6 billion RMB under its management. Since its establishment, V Fund has focused on investing in firms involved in China’s industrial transformation and innovative technology. Besides Zhongke Aerospace and Emotibot Technology that have been nominated, V Fund has invested in multiple leading companies in various industries, such as Contemporary Amperex Technology, Farasis, Yunda Express, GeekPlus, Horizon Robotics, YunTongXun, Biren Technology, Ronbay Technology, Chemspec, Smarter Micro and Yuannian Technology. Besides the two companies that have already been accepted by the Science and Technology Innovation Board, 6-8 other companies will be applying to the Science and Technology Innovation Board in the coming year.


True strength lies in one’s ability to grow, improve and excel. In the future, V Fund will continue to provide capital for China’s industrial transformation, fostering the growth of outstanding enterprises in the industry. Time will bear witness to the growth of V Fund and it will continue to develop, improve and contribute to the promotion of the innovation of science and technology in China.