V FUND Honors|V Fund Awarded 36 Kr's [Most Popular Private Equity Firm for Entrepreneurs in 2022]

Author: 2022.06.23 Pv( 285)

Recently, 36 Kr Venture Institute launched a survey for founders on their "ideal investor", combining feedback of entrepreneurs and research from investment institutions.

 Combining the above "Entrepreneur Feedback" and the "Investment Institution Survey" launched in March this year, we examined the performance strength of institutional investors in the four dimensions of fundraising, investment, management and exit from 2018 to 2021 (3+1).

Top 50 most Popular Private Equity Firms for Entrepreneurs in 2022


In the past seven months of research on S-class entrepreneurs, it has become clear to 36Kr that founders of this generation have  clearer attitude towards life, and a well-thought-out and extreme-pursuit path.     

One founder described to 36 Kr his thinking in finding his first round investors: "Firstly, I needed a big name, secondly, someone who understood me and who could give me a hand when it mattered. Then there were more practical needs, such as the ability to bring in industry and local government resources. Along this line of thought, I gathered the three institutions that started the project."

Back to five years ago, founders would have had a very different answer to this question - they would have looked to a hand to get them out of hardships and into a new life. Now, after a boom, a capital winter, and a windy turn of events, China's venture capital market has entered an era of greater clarity and rationality in the supply and demand for venture capitalists.                       

With the launch of "X-36under36" in early June, focusing on the core of S-class young founders, the 36Kr Venture Institute conducted an extensive survey of founders on their "ideal investor". Of the 241 responses we received, 205 were valid. Through their responses, 36 Kr outlined the top five topics that entrepreneurs are most concerned about when choosing an institution: industry understanding, industry layout, post-investment services, reasonable valuation and decision-making process.             

V Fund is proud to be one of the most popular investment institutions among entrepreneurs and will continue to focus on the dark horses and leading projects in the hard technology industry in the future.