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2019.08.27 Pv( 894)

EMOTIBOT is committed to the study of emotional computing as the core, based on natural language understanding and deep learning, to create artificial intelligence that can read, understand, understand and remember, and serve high-value scenarios of human social life and work.


The company offers products in three main forms: product output (Dialog Robot, AICC, AI for BI, AI Classroom), platform output (full stack AI platform, NLU/NLP platform), solution (end-to-end industry solution, large Customer project plan).


EMOTIBOT AI products have three advantages: accuracy, speed and reliability. Accuracy: The products have a leading Chinese semantic understanding accuracy rate, and has been tested by various industries; Speed: Support rapid build and deployment of applications without waiting for rapid deployment; Reliability: Support high concurrent bearer and high availability guarantee, the company provides a full range of service guarantees.