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2019.08.27 Pv( 334)

  36Kr is committed to building a comprehensive business service system based on the media. With the mission of “letting some people see the future first”, the company promotes the development of new businesses through the information, methods, values and services delivered by the media.

  36Kr has built a complete content system covering technology, business, entrepreneurship and investment, with leading advantages in content production, content operation and content distribution, and created a series of influential activity IP, the brand has been widely recognized by users and the industry.

  36Kr has become a new Internet business media with great traffic and influence in China. Since its establishment, 36kr has published more than 100,000 articles, providing companies observation, industry forecast, investment and financing analysis, macro data interpretation and other information with a global perspective for technology and venture capital related institutions and professionals, and has exposed nearly 30,000 companies to the global audience of hundreds of millions.