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2019.08.27 Pv( 181)

Surestar is a national high-tech enterprise that has long been focusing on laser imaging radar technology and product development and production. Surestar 's products line is complete, with a full range of navigation and mapping laser radar equipment development capabilities.

Surestar has its own complete core technology of laser radar, and has reported nearly 100 pieces of intellectual property (patents, software copyrights and trademarks), including 18 invention patents, 3 PCT international applications, 16 utility models, and 24 software copyrights and over 30 pieces of trademarks.

The company's laser radar products are mainly divided into surveying and navigation obstacle avoidance type (for advanced assisted driving ADAS and driverless), including enterprises and institutions, JD, Alibaba, NIO and many automatic driving technology research and development teams.