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2020.07.29 Pv( 752)

Biren Technology was founded in 2019. The team consists of Chinese and foreign core professionals and R&D personnel in the field of chip and cloud computing. It possesses strong technical expertise and unique industry insights in the fields of GPU, DSA (dedicated accelerator) and computer architecture.


Biren Technology is committed to developing a unique general-purpose computing system, establishing an efficient software and hardware platform, and providing integrated solutions in the field of intelligent computing. In terms of development, Biren Technology will first focus on general-purpose intelligent cloud computing, and gradually improve on existing solutions in artificial intelligence training and reasoning, graphics rendering, high-performance general-purpose computing and other fields, and lead to a breakthrough in the development of domestic high-end general-purpose intelligent computing chips.


Biren Technology aims to become a high-tech company which possesses an international outlook, with leading technology and participation in the formulation of future industry standards, and hopes to provide powerful, flexible and efficient general-purpose computing to all industries and trades.