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2022.08.24 Pv( 245)

Located in Zhangjiang Silicon Valley, Shanghai, China, and established in February 2017, Eigencomm is committed to the development and sales of cellular IoT chips.


Most members of the company's founders and development team are from well-known mobile phone chip manufacturers, with a complete team and a strong lineup. Among them, 20% are doctors and 80% are masters from well-known universities, and their average working years are more than 10 years. The team has shipped more than 100 million mobile phone chips. The development team has accumulated rich practical experience in cellular terminal chips, from algorithm, protocol stack, RF to baseband SOC and system hardware and software and solutions. The company has complete and powerful R&D capabilities covering fields from low power design experience to RF simulation development capabilities.


The company's first-generation products are terminal chips based on the NB-IoT standard. As an international Internet of things standard led by Chinese enterprises, NB-iot has been recognized by the International Standards Organization, and has been promoted as a national strategy in China. The related chip industry will become the first ecological manufacturer to benefit. Eigencomm is willing to work with partners in all links of the industrial chain to achieve win-win cooperation and make cellular IoT technology bigger and stronger.