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2022.08.24 Pv( 382)

Anxinsec is a high-tech enterprise focusing on memory security, and is committed to providing a new generation advanced threat real-time protection endpoint security solutions for customers in the government, finance, operators, military, education, medical, Internet, large enterprises and other industries. The memory protection technology of Anxinsec has surpassed the international level. The core team members have been focusing on the research and development of information security offensive and defensive products since 2005, and won a number of international awards. Anxinsec is rated as a new network security enterprise with development potential and industry value.


As a pioneer and leader in the field of memory security, Anxinsec helps enterprises defend against and terminate advanced threats such as memory/vulnerability exploitation attacks, memory horse attacks and fileless attacks in business-critical applications, effectively protecting users' core business from being blocked and their core data from being stolen. Anxinsec has been providing services for many international well-known enterprises and institutions such as Baidu, customes, Kingsoft Antivirus, Google, G42 and so on.