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Ronbay Technology

2019.08.27 Pv( 1097)

Ronbay Technology is a leading high-tech new energy enterprise, mainly engaged in the professional R&D, production and operation of cathode materials and precursors for lithium batteries. It is jointly built by two Chinese and Korean teams with more than 20 years' successful entrepreneurial experience in lithium anode material industry.


As a national high-tech enterprise, Ronbay Technology has always attached great importance to product research and development and technological innovation and has reserved a number of in-progress product echelons with broad market prospects to provide a strong guarantee for the subsequent business development. The company has strong technical reserves: currently has more than 20 patents, more than 20 patents in application.


Ronbay Technology has high-quality sales channels and customer channels in the field of ternary cathode materials, with products in China, Korea and Japan. Customers include LG, Samsung, Sony, BYD, CATL, Lishen, etc.