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2022.08.24 Pv( 248)

ThreatBook is an Internet security company that is committed to providing comprehensive security analysis services with high speed and low cost for the majority of users. The company integrates the advantages of many top anti-virus software in the world to provide users with real-time analysis and detection services for all types of suspicious files (including viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware).


Since the inception, the company has been focusing on the field of threat intelligence, and has accumulated profound threat analysis capabilities and threat intelligence data capabilities. ThreatBook empowers customers with professional products to help customers implement threat intelligence capabilities and establish a comprehensive threat monitoring system.

ThreatBook has been included in Gartner's Global Threat Intelligence Market Guide for three consecutive times, listed in the Global Cybersecurity 500 for several times, and has been awarded the title of "Red Herring Asia Top 100".