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YUNDA Express

2019.08.27 Pv( 954)

Yunda Express (stock code: 002120) is a large-scale private express brand enterprise integrating express delivery, logistics and e-commerce. At present, as one of the "3 TONG+1 DA", Yunda has become a well-known brand in the domestic express delivery industry and a leading enterprise in the first echelon of the express delivery industry.


The company has more than 40,000 outlets throughout the country (including companies, service departments, branches, stores), to facilitate customers to send express; has more than 70 distribution centers, more than 3,300 distribution outlets, more than 30,000 stores, more than 150,000 employees on the entire network; the service covers all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and more than 1,700 cities at or above the county level, with a national coverage rate of 99.85%.