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2019.08.27 Pv( 774)

CN is a technology-based environmental protection enterprise dedicated to the innovative research and development and industrialization of the comprehensive utilization of three waste resources. The company's three core businesses are industrial hazardous waste disposal, production and sales of ternary raw materials and recycling of used lithium batteries.


At present, the company has a number of industry-leading core technologies such as liquid filtration, acid separation, oil-water separation, heavy metal separation, and zero-discharge wastewater technology with independent intellectual property rights, and has established a waste comprehensive disposal base for technology integration and application, forming a set of research and development innovation. , comprehensive design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, waste disposal in one of the all-round environmental protection company.


The environmental management programs and treatment facilities exported by CN have been covering many provinces across the country. The customer groups include many metallurgical and chemical industry giants such as Zijin Mining, Yunnan Copper, Jinchuan Group, Yanhai Chemical, Suyan Group, Lomon Corporation, Henan Billions Chemicals, etc. The company's technology and service level has been widely recognized in the industry.